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When you are looking for the perfect colour for your hair, whether it is to retain the natural colour or to change it completely and have it last longer than a few washings, it is difficult to find a place that can accommodate you. Not all salons are willing to provide the products or the level of service without charging an exorbitant price accompanied with poor customer service, which causes more frustration than a warm fuzzy feeling.

The professionals at Joseph Coiffures are focused on listening to their client’s so they can provide the level of service they expect along with the quality of products that they seek. Our colour experts help their client’s find the perfect colour and choose the right products that lengthen the time between sessions. All at a price that will not “break the bank,” so to speak.

In addition, there is no trend in colouring or technique that is beyond their expertise. This is because of an attitude for a continuing education in their field to learn all of the latest trends in hair care and colouring while simultaneously sharing this information with the client. Part of this service includes offering Olaplex treatments, both in our salon and as an after treatment in the your home, which will strengthen and improve the health of your hair.