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There are many reasons people, both men and women, want to add highlights to their hair. Getting it done correctly takes going to a professional hair salon. The prospect of getting highlights to accentuate a hair style is and always, has been general knowledge around the globe. However, how it began is an interesting story.

Some time during the Renaissance, women began to tint their hair using lemons, or mixtures of sulphur, alum, and honey. In the early twentieth century chemicals along with modern techniques were developed with this purpose in mind. Later, in the 60’s a popular method for highlighting became the use of a cap, that resembled a pasta draining dish, was utilized along with a hook to pull strands of hair through the holes for colouring or at the time, bleaching. Although, the results were somewhat promising the method seem a bit more barbaric because of the discomfort and stress of this particular method.

As time passed, and technologies advanced, a more suitable method has emerged called foiling. This method, performed by trained professionals, allows the application of highlights to a full head of hair without any discomfort which results in the desired look a client wants. Along with this process a client can receive Olaplex treatments, both in our salon and as an after treatment in the your home, which will strengthen and improve the health of your hair.