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At Joseph’s, we are always learning about the newest and best technologies in hair products, and hair colouring specifically. We mix our experience with our knowledge of your history with hair colouring products, to give your hair the best makeover it can get!

All of our experience and experimentation over the years has led us to rely consistently on what may be the greatest hair colour product in the world: Wella‘s new Koleston Perfect.

What brings Koleston Perfect soaring above its competition?

Peroxide from permanent colouring reacts with metals in hair, breaking down into free radicals, which are unstable molecules that damage hair.

Koleston Perfect‘s innovative Pure Balance technology greatly reduces the formation of free radicals, significantly protecting your hair’s strength and integrity. The reduction of free radicals also protects from unwanted colour shifts in your hair, keeping the intended colours intact, pure and even, from root to tip.

Koleston Perfect is also the first to replace the pPD and pTD molecules, commonly found in hair colour products, with the new ME+ molecule.This reduces the chance of developing hair colour allergies by up to 60%!