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Healthy looking hair begins with a healthy scalp. The state of the scalp is also affected by stress, diet, and the all-around daily up and downs of our lives. Getting a scalp treatment will aid in keeping your hair healthy and looking the way you want it to look.

Our scalp treatments begin with a scalp massage, in addition, we reserve a specific area within the salon for just this purpose to enhance the experience along with becoming relaxed loosing all fear from worry during the treatment.

The products we use for this service come from Kerastase, and L’Oreal professional, and as such part of the treatment is to determine which works best for the type of hair and condition of the scalp. For dry, itchy scalps we use oils or boosters as well as use these on thin hair. Part of this service also includes offering Olaplex treatments, both in our salon and as an after treatment in the your home, which will strengthen and improve the health of your hair. Make your appointment today to learn more about the benefits of a scalp treatment!